The first online meeting device running the Android operating system 8.0

1/ Online meeting device Maxhub UC S10 uses Android operating system 8 Android Features Essential 8.0 Restrict background applications This feature can only be used when we have enabled developer mode. With…

Reasons for organizing day and mass online learning

Dr. Le Viet Khuyen - Former Deputy Director of the Higher Education Department, The Head of the Education Quality Support Department of the Vietnam Association of Colleges and Universities states that mass teaching on television is the most feasible., just ensure knowledge…


Online shareholders meeting, Not a new thing

Online shareholders meeting, Experts "read the" the difficulty with business Tuy noted the form of meeting the General Meeting of Shareholders (Shareholder Meeting) Online is a direction businesses should take into account if near the end of the year-end meeting deadline…


What is the solution to ensure information security in Vietnam in current conditions?

Nowadays, Information security has been entering every corner of social life and gradually becoming an important part of national security when the threat of information insecurity is a major and increasing threat.…


Online conferencing solutions in Vietnam will develop following the open source trend

At the launch of CoMeet online meeting solution, Representative of Ministry of Information&TT said, Open source development solutions are one of the two key trends of the Ministry of Information&TT aims to develop the market of online video conferencing in Vietnam….