Small meeting room solution

02/07/2020 22:38

A cheap cup of coffee and a few chairs and tables can create an ideal meeting room space. Small spaces are one of the fastest growing meeting rooms today as businesses look to modern interactive technologies to make better use of their office space..

Small meeting rooms are also known as busy meeting rooms, usually small in size and can accommodate three to six people. If you make a video call in that busy room, Meeting participants may not see each other's connection points. For this reason, with a small conference room solution using Aver's camera, Polycom, Logitech ... to fix that problem

Illustrate a small conference room solution with a Logitech Meetup device


Cable models

With wide-angle lens of the camera provides wide field of view 82 degrees horizontally and 59 longitudinal degree. The camera can rotate automatically, tilt and zoom to focus on meeting participants and track movement. A wide angle lens – Not deformed – very important in small rooms, because these spaces are usually smaller than 30m square.


With Logitech Meetup is the endpoint for 1080p HD video on single or dual displays. Users can connect to the device via Wi-Fi or HDMI cable to share content.