Large conference room solution

02/07/2020 22:15

Large conference room systems are witnessing remarkable growth, is because of the potential of the company as well as the need to use officials and employees in promoting business development.

Large rooms are often the main meeting place for the Board of Directors, Executives often use it for important purposes. Therefore, Companies often spend their budgets to ensure that the rooms are designed in a modern style and include the corresponding video conferencing system..


How big is the video conferencing room design

Those who are primarily responsible for the strategy of building a video conferencing room for a large meeting room should consider the following factors when planning a deployment including the following key points.:

- You must measure the frequency of using the meeting room system to determine the procurement of equipment to suit the intended use.

- Determining how many people are regularly in the meeting room to use the equipment system

- You must monitor the performance of the equipment system to make timely plans

- Deploy training programs for employees to quickly set up video conferences without you.


The person in charge of planning should focus on coordinating with video conferencing service providers: Easy-to-use device, provide the ideal experience and the user interface across all rooms must be in sync. You should consider application platforms that allow participants to use many services in meetings such as: Skype for Business, Webex and Zoom,.. Experiencing conference participants is the most important factor in choosing a large conference room system.

Illustrated large conference room solution


Cable model

Introducing a suite of equipment for large conference room solutions

Logitech Rally set offers flexibility, good price

TV connected to USB Logitech Rally - ability to spin, inclined, Zoom in and out in 4K and 1080p. The microphones and speakers are separate hardware, so the supplier can place the speaker on the table and install the rear camera near the display.



The standard Logitech Rally set will include a speaker and a microphone, for $ 1,999 or two speakers and two microphones for $ 2,499. Customers will be able to purchase additional microphones for the price 349 Dollar per unit and maximal coupling 7 one for each room. Each microphone is capable of recording about 50 square meters.

Logitech Rally videoconferencing suite integrates with most website conferencing software included: Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet. It can also be used along with interactive screens like: Microsoft Surface Hub hay Maxhub

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