Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera

13/07/2020 14:26

Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera

High performance HD video camera for conference rooms and small meeting rooms:

    1. Compact cameras are the solution for small conference room environments 5-6 Participants
    2. Crisp full HD video, Brings you the most practical experience.

Installation is extremely simple: Just plug the USB into the laptop, Turn on your PC and turn it on

You can easily move anywhere you want: Tourist Resort, Cafe,…


Set the highlight of Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera

  • 1080p video image resolution
  • Standard brightness, true color.
  • 4x optical zoom: Images are clear when zoomed in.
  • Very simple installation support: Only attach USB to Laptop or Computer (PC) and open the software to use.

Signal light on the top of the Camera:

  • The green color indicates that the connection has been successful.
  • Yellow color does not connect or technical error.